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About HeatAmp

HeatAmp is an innovation company, with novel proprietary technology and key know-how in heating systems and sorption technology with the goal to develop and commercialize a Gas‐driven Heat Pump for Domestic Water Heating and/or Space Heating with energy efficiency over 120 % in US and EU markets.

The appliance harnesses environmental energy - providing up to 50 % energy savings and CO2 emissions reduction. The technology is patented and developed in collaboration with research institutes, utilities and government agencies to future-proof it for upcoming heating appliance requirements and the sustainable fuels.

The HeatAmp team have their background in the heating and refrigeration industry (SaltX, Electrolux, Dometic, Thermia, etc) with decades of experience in research, product and system development. Our expertise spans the areas of sorption, (ammonia) refrigeration, heat pumps and gas-driven appliances.

HeatAmp Summary

  • Over 7 years of R&D on Gas Heat Pumps (GHP)

  • Proof-of-concept verified and patented technology for a high performance GHP appliance

  • Compatible with future hydrogen fuel technology

  • Up to 50 % energy savings and CO2 emissions reduction compared to current technologies

  • Strong ambition to be the most cost-effective GHP on the market

  • Key partners and gas utilities have evaluated the technology and financially support the developments due to its potential robustness and cost-effectiveness

  • Collaberations with major US-OEMs  initially for product definition and later for commercialization of our GHP

  • In search of first external investors in US/EU

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